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Conference Microphones

General Description

The digital SDC 8200 C chairman’s unit is an ideal choice for both mobile and fixed conference systems. Its compact and elegant design harmoniously blends in with any conference room. The unit features a high-quality built-in loudspeaker, providing excellent sound at a pleasant volume. By pressing the Mic key, the chairman can make a comment any time. Three voting keys allowing electronic voting: Yes, Abstention, No (+,0,-).
Built-in high-quality loudspeaker (automatically muted when the microphone is switched on)
Microphone on/off key
Three voting keys: Yes, Abstention, No (+,0,-)
Gooseneck microphone with red LED ring
Priority key for switching off all live microphones
NEXT key opens the delegates microphones in request to speak
Two 3.5 mm headphone jacks for headphones or induction couplers for the hearing impaired
Headphone volume control
Delivery Includes
SDC 8200 C Chairman’s Unit

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